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The Maverik

Is it too late to make significant changes to your life?..


One day,whilst on a trip between milan and Rio de Janeiro,i decided to read a book. I was a little bored just sitting there as the film that was being shown wasn't a very good one. It was then i decided to have a look at a book i had in my brief case by ricardo semler titled " Maverick:The Success Story Behind the World's Most Unusual Workplace ".I'll be honest,up until then,i didn't know who he was,i had purchased the book as it had been recommended by a few friends.


Halfway through the book i was in a state of euphoria. I couldn't read it fast enough i was totally consumed by it. Its as thou this book had awoken certain feelings and desires which laid dormant. I found myself laughing out loud whilst reading ricardo's stories' then became aware that some of the other passengers had began to stare at me perhaps wondering "what's his problem" and in reality i had many problems but my biggest one is that i had been living in my "comfort zone" for many years.


I was an executive of a multinational company without any present or future goals,I was in a dormant state in terms of what i was going to do about my future. The book made it clear that i had to review my goals and dreams but more importantly-make big decisions. The concept of this book hit me like a bolt of lighting. I felt like i was a  small fish in a big pond,nothing more. This all happened ten years ago. I then began to organize my life so that i could quit my job and start my own business. I innocently believed that someone with my experience would have no trouble acquiring clients and setting up quickly.


There were many obstacles,the biggest one was time as by then i was already 50 years of age. A little old and almost too old to start again but i had made the decision to become my own version of being a "maverik". After preparing myself for 2 years,i quit my job and started working as a consultant,giving conferences,later on i started writing books and presenting my own tv show.


Its been 5 years now since i quit my job and how am i ,how do i feel? I'm very happy,earning a little less money but happy nonetheless. Thats what was missing-being happy with what i was doing. I no longer had to sleep in hotels rooms in strange places,although i liked my life i realised that i wasn't happy. I had discovered that there was so much more i could do to help others too. Some of my friends called me crazy whilst most simply disapered. However i met new friends,true friends. This is the message i want to leave you all with-be happy,happiness is an inherit desire of every human being. Not just snippets of it here and there,i mean true happiness,to be able to look at life as a gift,to understand that you only get one shot. Who in their right mind,when lying on their death bed will regret not having worked more?..



Don't despair,if you haven't found your way,keep looking, find out what truly makes you happy,there's nothing else in this world that is worth more than happiness,i'm so glad i found it.


My warmest regards to all.


Fernando Fernandes.




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